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(002 - June 2013)

Fear is easy to feed

forget to feed it this time

and observe its energy

d   i   s   s   i   p   a   t   e

as pure energy recreates you

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Untitled 2(2014)

The water bubbled over the sides of the pot

Reacting to an already heated mess inside

Eyes stopped seeing, heart started racing

How did I let myself go this far, am I OK?

A rare sight when you were unconscious a minute ago

Almost like realizing that flood your swimming in is your own doing

Or undoing that is and you know the mess you’ve made

Hours ago, days, years of accumulation

Of course that’s not all that’s been given to you

You pick up knowledge gained from years before

And tools you’ve had when you were once small and brave

And you get to work

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Untitled/A very unedited Vow to life(2014)


Normally I’d never write about wanting and desire
About feeling as though you have everything but
And it drives you mad like a raging river

Maybe we shun it out of fear
Afraid it will take us out of bounds
No longer held by an organized mind with organized funk

Well let me tell you, I need that raging river
The one that takes me places,
Bursts me past walls I never dared go past

You’re afraid of it too, the unknown
But never have I been more afraid of the known
Past fears, familiarities, stagnancy, can’ts, could haves and shoulds
Nope, no more.  I’ve givin’ up on giving up.

I own my actions
Not my fears
Not the past
Just me

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Draw me shit or gtfo guys. That is my valentine’s request.


For seriously though.
I want it.

A messy sketch for ya then!

Happy late <3’s Day

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