Ferguson trip


I, and a small group will be taking Akron's love, art, knowledge, listening ear, respect, wisdom, hands for work, solidarity, understanding, our music, and words of encouragement to Ferguson on Wed. We will arrive Thursday morning. If you, your friends, your family, block, group, band, church, or ministry would like to contribute any like items please message me on Facebook. Please follow me on Twitter @CirJr to stay up to date. Thank you.


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May these words reach you when I leave

Take you, shake you as you breath

In sacred sayings, ancient oaks

Out loving whispers and gentle hopes

I take you now in wings of wood

Love you whole and listen good

I have no master but myself

Only drummer, I, can lead this heart

Nas L’Bert

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my hobbies include sleeping and disappointing everyone close to me

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